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What is ABS?

A.B.S. consists of Acrylonitrile,Buta-diene and Styrene,which is harmless to the human body and are used in cases for electronic devices such as,computers,refrigerators,and washing machines.These types of plastics go through high pressure vacuum laminating that are attached to the basic wood doorframe and make up the A.B.S door.Since this product is made up of plastics, it is moisture-free and its durability is great without prevents any bends or twists,furthermore, it is very light,which makes it easy for construction.
The ABS door that has been introduced to the domestic market around 1995 takes up to 20% of the doors in the domestic construction market.

The Merits of ABS Door

ABS door can resist up to 90ْ C directly and 120ْ C indirectly.

ABS door is an economic door that has superior durability,gloss,painting and also resistible to moisture and water.

ABS door has great resistibility to moisture that it does not have any side effets,such as,cracks,raises or molds,which make it easy to use in bathrooms.

The color does not fade even with long term use.

Since the ABS sheet and PBC printing sheet are put together using hot pressing,without any remaining glue,it does not fall off after use for along period.Also,there are no scents or harm to the human body during production or construction,because there is no adhesives or antiseptics used.

When thre is dirt or foreign substances in use,it can be easily removed using a damp cloth.

Mass production is possible,which makes it economical. Various types and standards can be produced.

Doorframes can be also folded,which can make the moving and carrying process easy and also the installment easier .

Due to the use of honeycomb insidw the door,sound absorption is superior and is suitable for indoor doors.

Furthermore,it is environmental friendly and also is a grat asset to the preservation of Mother Nature.

Test    Report
Discoloration 15 Years in Door
Warp 20 Years afterset up
Wetproof 15 Years under 90%
Weatherproof 20 Years in Door
Mold Mold Free
Load Strength 3000Kgs  on M3

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