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Vinyl & Carpet Flooring

  • There are varieties of beautiful and innovative design layout. And it is easy to apply.
  • It is made of high quality raw materials with good quality glue.
  • Cleaning is easy and termites will not be able to destroy.
  • It have water resistance and it cannot be destructed by climate changes .


Carpet Tile


Eco Art Tile

      • Consists of rubber vacuum cap and it makes flooring and removing easily. Does not need to use adhesive material.


Vinyl Square Tile

      • Not only for flooring can also be used for wall covering.
      • We served for exact measurement and cost calculation, applying for factories, hotels and buildings.


Vinyl Wood Tile


Benefits of Using Korea Vinyl Tile

  • It is made with 5 layers composition which can resist from sunlight without fading.
  • It can resist over freezing, over-heating without destruction.
  • No scratch can be done and cannot be affected by termites.
  • Can resist to moisture and water.
  • Can resist to normal fire and not help combustion.
  • Can change temperature depend on environmental temperature like normal tile and so, it is suitable for healthy living.
  • Made of anti-bacterial method and also suitable for hospitals, clinics and medical center.

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