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specification of vinyl flooring

Vinyl Floor Tile predicates bright and pure image representing the beauty and modern style. As a luxurious floor covering designed for both commercial and resident use, it will bring more refined and comfortable world.


Variety design

By using variety patterns and differentiated designs , customers can express their styles.

Standardized products by the most cutting-edge facilities

Producing products by the most cutting-edge facilities and standard, it takes a short time to constructs and directs variety shapes.

Superior durability

By reinforcing surface layer of products, it ensures wear resistance , scratch resistance and pollution resistance and can be applied to home , business and the other variety places.


Type Width Length Thickness
Vinyl Square Tile 457.2mm    457.2mm        3mm
Wood Tile 183mm 915mm     3mm
ECO Art Tile 250mm 1050mm 4.5mm

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