Welcome To Our Company

Home Galaxy Interior Mall was founded (established ) in 2012. It is producing international standard Korea UPVC window and door and distributing Korea ABS Door , Steel Door , Vinyl Tile, Carpet Tile , Various kinds of tiles , Wallpaper , Modern and Classic Furniture , Office Furniture and Other High Quality Home Decoration Accessories.
High quality raw materials of UPVC Window & Door are imported from Korea and High standardized machines are used to produce ten thousand square feet daily. UPVC windows and doors are produced according to customers order and the quality is guaranteed. The products are only managed and produced by highly qualified, experienced technicians.
ABS Doors, Steel Doors, Vinyl Tile ,Carpet Tile , Wallpaper , which are imported from Korea and tiles which are imported from China and Hong Kong are ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 and Internationally Certified , first class materials . Hence, they can be used in building, house, offices, hotels or projects at your trustworthiness and satisfaction.
Our factory is located at No 35, Pagan Nyanng Oo Kyanng Taik Road , Kyansittha Industrial Zone, Eastern District , Yangon Division . Show rooms are : Show Room (I)- at Building 7 , Junction Square Shopping Center Compound , Pyay Road , Yangon and Show Room (II)-at    No(15) , Pyay Road and Weiza Nyinang Road Corner , 9 Mile , Yangon.
The Chief object of Home Galaxy Interior Mall is to produce highly qualified materials and to give best service and to satisfy the customers.

Our Show Rooms